Photographs and videos are copyrighted by Larry P. Ammann
Equipment: Pentax K5, DA*300, 1.7AFA, Televue 85
All images and videos have been cropped for composition and down-sized for web viewing.
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A Tale of Three Nests

These pages will track the progress of chicks from three nests: a Cooper's Hawk nest and two Red-shouldered Hawk nests. RS Hawk nest #1 is being used by the same pair who used it two years ago. The story of their hatchling is told here. That nest was blown away completely by a storm early last summer, but the hawks rebuilt it over the winter.

Before viewing these pages, please remember that these are birds of prey and some of these images show what predators do.
Female Cooper's Hawk
Male Cooper's Hawk
Female Red-shouldered Hawk on nest #1
Male Red-shouldered Hawk flying patrol over nest #1
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