Image name: RSHawkNest

Red-shouldered Hawk nest, Spring Creek, Richardson/Garland, Texas

The same pair of Red-shouldered Hawks has been using this nest for at least five years. Two years ago the nest was completely blown away in a storm, so the adults had to rebuild it from scratch. Most of the nest survived last year, so much less preparatory work was needed to begin nesting. This year they have two chicks who should fledge around Father's Day. It will take a few more weeks after fledging before they will be able to hunt for themselves. Their father already has left so there will be one less stomach to fill from this area. Mom will continue to bring food to the nest until early July. Once the chicks are close to fledging, she will bring live prey so the chicks can learn how to handle their prey. Once the chicks can hunt on their own, Mom also will leave and the chicks will need to fend for themselves.